Monday, 18 October 2010

A good old English cuppa

From as early as I can remember, my family and I have drunk tea by the gallon. The only difference over the years being that I have worked my way down from a sweet-toothed 3 teaspoons of sugar to none at all.

Indeed, it may be stereotypical but we Brits love our tea. It's a drink with the ability to revive even the most weary of spirits and act as a social bridge with the uttering of those timeless words: "Do you fancy a cuppa?".

Growing up, I was really only aware of two brands of tea: PG Tips and Tetley. This was mainly down to the fact that both were supported by excellent advertising. Tetely had the chimp family and Tetley had its Tea Folk.

In more recent times, Tetley have faded away from public consciousness down to forgetful advertising and packaging that looks more like a box of Cleenex. On the other hand, PG Tips are still going strong with colourful packaging and advertising featuring the comedian Johnny Vegas and the puppet character, Monkey. Unfortunately for Tetley this has reflected itself in sales and I think they are hoping that the revival of the Tea Folk will help remedy the situation. Personally, I think it may as a trip down memory lane will reconnect many with a brand that they have probably largely forgotten about.

Anyway, below are some classic PG Tips and Tetley ads for your viewing pleasure. Of course, I love the Wallace and Gromit and Chimp ads for PG Tips but my favourite of all is Tetley's "Lovely Day" ad. No words are muttered by any of the characters; it's all in Sydney's expression as he cradles a cuppa and with a few sips goes from a bleary-eyed-just-out-of-bed look to one of full of energy. Together with lovely artwork, a great choice of music and the classic strapline "That's better. That's Tetley" at the end, this is a wonderfully heart-warming ad.

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