Monday, 18 October 2010

The Broom Cupboard

Simple in concept but highly entertaining in execution, The Broom Cupboard with its cosy but colourful and energetic presentation is an icon of British children's television. Of course, synonymous with The Broom Cupboard is the double act pictured above.

Youthful and fun, Andy Peters was accompanied by the character of Edd the Duck. This was a clever addition as Andy had limited movement in the Broom Cupboard but Edd could burst on and off the screen in a flood of quacks adding an extra layer of dynamism. Moreover, as with the equally beloved pairing of Phillip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher, there was great interplay between Andy and the unruly, childish character of Edd. Finally, a guy called Wilson dressed in a black dinner suit and white gloves would appear from the right; however, you only ever saw, at most, hands, arms and a bit of body - never his face. This was another clever move as Wilson's hidden identity added mystery to the presentation that caught my over-active imagination hook, line and sinker.

Anyway, here are some YouTube videos capturing Andy and Edd in action:

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